myEUI is a passion project that aims to promote energy literacy through transparency and crowdsourcing.

Energy Use Intensity (EUI) is the total amount of energy used by a building in a year per unit area of the building. EUI is a universal unit to compare and evaluate a building’s operational energy efficiency.

2030 Challenge for Planning™, issued by Architecture 2030 is a global building industry target for existing buildings to reduce fossil-fuel operating energy consumption by 50% by the year 2030.

myEUI can help you set and achieve this target in four simple steps.



Learn your current EUI at your home through a few simple inputs.



Understand your target EUI for 50% reduction of your total annual energy consumption.



From fellow building professionals across the globe in taking steps to achieve the 2030 Challenge for Planning™ targets.



Your belief in carbon neutral buildings and the steps you personally are taking towards it!

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