About EUI

What is myEUI?

myEUI is a passion project that aims to promote energy literacy through transparency and crowdsourcing. myEUI is founded by two tech enthusiasts, with hopes to do some good in the world.


The vision of myEUI is to bring an identity to buildings’ operational energy efficiency. 40% of the world’s energy use is due to building operations contributing to a significant environmental impact.

Energy Use Intensity (EUI)

An automobile’s operational efficiency is commonly understood by MPG (miles per gallon) or KPL (Kilometers per liter). Our body fat is commonly understood by BMI (Body Mass Index). What about a building’s operational energy efficiency?

What happens with identity?

Knowing a building’s EUI is the first step. The second step is to recognize if the building is operating efficiently with low environmental impacts. The third step is to take action.

myEUI uses the 2030 Challenge™ as a framework for EUI targets to measure your building’s operational energy efficiency against. The 2030 Challenge™ provides a meaningful framework that connects building operations with environmental impact, specifically Green House Gas (GHG) emissions contributions and a pathway to reduce such impact. The aim of 2030 Challenge for planning™ is to reduce by 50% the dependency on fossil-fuel for existing building operations by the year 2030. Currently 2030 targets are only available for North America. myEUI will continuously be updated as additional targets for other continents are identified.

Once an individual realizes their EUI at their primary residence and understands their target, they can take meaningful energy efficiency or renewable energy options to achieve the target.

Such an awareness should be shared to inspires others. myEUI will allow anyone to promote their myEUI through social media and raise further awareness.


Our mission is to build a critical mass by engaging 10,000 myEUI users in the first year of launch on Earth Day, 2017. Such a crowdsourced movement is new to the building sector. We hope to leverage this momentum to not only promote energy literacy but to also influence policy.


Our target audience is primarily anyone involved in planning, design, and construction of buildings including academic institutions that teach building science and construction. Awareness on energy efficiency and EUI of buildings starts with the building sector.

What happens to your data?

At myEUI, you are contributing to this one-of-a-kind crowdsourced movement in the building sector. Your data is safe. We make it secure by encrypting the data. We do not store your login password, only your email and name to verify you are human. We openly want to share only the collective EUI data with anyone without revealing any personal information such as email or name. myEUI will enable such sharing through a popular public copyright license, Creative Commons (CC) license. If you have any questions regarding the data, feel free to get in touch with our team.

A hopeful world

We hope that in the future, every homeowner or resident in the world is aware of their EUI and we hope building’s energy efficiency becomes common parlance in the business of buildings.